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March 24, 2016
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Save the Tigers Project

In 2008 Kim was involved with the Save China’s tigers project in South Africa. This project aimes to rewild and breed South China tigers in South Africa to repopulate reserves in China. The project was expecting their first cub to be born in the rewilding project in the Free State and Kim was asked to raise the tiger cub if this was needed. There was a single cub born that had to be taken away from its mother, this was the first cub in 2 years to survive and a big breakthrough for the Save China’s tigers project. Kim looked after him from birth until he was 5 months old and ready to join the other tigers in the project

At that time there were only about 60 South China tigers alive and the survival of “Hulooo”,as he was later named, was very important for the future survival of the South China tiger species. More cubs have been born since and the majority has been able to stay by their mother instead of being hand raised. Hulooo has been successfully rewilded and is now important breeding stock for the project. on this page are youtube clips, posted by Save China’s tigers, of Hulooo’s development while he was being hand reared by Kim.