Our Animals




Sam is a 4 year old male cheetah, he was taken from his mom at 4 weeks old weighing just over 1kg needing special attention. He has been running for a few years and gives us a guaranteed full speed chase. He is fully focused from the second the gate opens, tucks in his ears to get maximum speed and gives it his all. He outruns and catches the lure quite often which gives him full satisfaction on his way back to his camp. He’s had a charming personality from the start and we have recently decided to start him in ambassador training on top of his running career.


Nox is our oldest runner with his 6 years of age. Where our others are little speed demons, Nox likes to show you his movement in a slow motion cat walk. He welcomes everyone into the running camp with a warming purr and observes as the other cheetahs show off their skills. Nox is always our last runner and often needs the lure to come past a few times before he gets going. When he decides to run he shows a beautiful, heavy footed run especially on the long stretch at the back of the enclosure.


These 1 year old cubs are still in training and have recently joined our running team. They are the naughtiest in the bunch but especially Cleo is showing great potential at reaching high speeds. They run either together or individually depending on their moods and willingness to go back to their enclosure at the end of their ‘play’ session .



Zulu is our 9 year old ambassador cheetah. He has been ‘working’ since he was a youngster and enjoys every bit of attention he gets. He helps us to train new staff members and volunteers and is a superstar at the ‘sit and look away’ procedure at feeding time You can come and meet Zulu at the start of every feeding tour, he will gladly show you what being a cheetah is about and let you hear and see his amazing purr