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Life-changing (but not once-in-a-lifetime, if I can help it).

My husband and I spent our honeymoon volunteering at FeraCare for two weeks. It was truly life-changing. The bush is stunning: vivid sunsets catching on the clouds of the rainy season, seeing giraffe and impala wandering through the trees, being woken up by a hornbill tapping at the window, hearing the lions roar in the distance. Being around people who are so dynamically and fiercely devoted to their demanding and worthy work…it’s inspiring and renewing. Kim is like a badass Disney princess, the way she interacts with animals. Monique and Tasch are superheroes. I have the utmost respect for them; helping them in their work is a true honor. Make no mistake: this is not playing with tame, oversize kitties. This is not a holiday with cool pets. These are wild animals, exactly as they should be, accustomed to humans only to the extent that they must be in order to survive or promote education. You’ll get to pet a couple through the fence, feed all of them, maybe groom a few, but you are there to aid in the cause. Spending days cleaning out enclosures, scrubbing tile in the meat room with a toothbrush, mending fences- that is what you can expect. And it was one of the deepest privileges of my life. If I could do exactly this every day forever, I would. These women and men are real heroes, and they and the animals they serve deserve your commitment and respect. They certainly have mine. I will be back as soon as I can be. If you have the opportunity to assist these noble creatures, bipedal and otherwise, please take it. You won’t regret it.

Saskia Elizabeth Leeds

“Just Go!”

If you want the experience of a lifetime, then volunteer at FeraCare! The owners and staff are awesome. They truly care about the animals and the volunteers. All the animals are well taken care of, and the staff makes sure all your needs are met as well. The cheetahs are magnificent! Your days will be spent feeding the cheetahs, going on game drives to check on the other wildlife on the property, and interacting with the cheetahs and other animals. I was licked be a cheetah, had a bat eared fox fall asleep on my lap, and bottle fed a baby zebra. I will never forget the sound of a cheetah purring or meowing to be fed. Of course you must also be willing to help out with some daily chores, but that’s all part of the experience. I enjoyed working outdoors, and it felt good at the end of the day knowing I had done something to help the cheetahs and the staff at FeraCare. In the evenings you can look forward to a “sundowner” sunset picnic, going on a night game drive, having a bonfire, or just hanging out at your chalet with your new friends from all around the world. You will see the most amazing stars ever. Thank you Bart, Kim, Rene, Amy, Chris, Pieter, and Nelda for your kindness and devotion to the cheetahs. You are all awesome and I miss you. It’s been over a month, but I think about the cheetahs every day. I am looking forward to the day I can return! Give Zulu a kiss for me. Monica La Bounty from California

Monica La Bounty